Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell: “Louisiana Has Worked Hard and Earned its Newfound Business Friendly Reputation”


By: James D. “Buddy” Caldwell

When I first ran for Attorney General seven years ago, I pledged to work as hard as I could to make Louisiana a better place to live, work and raise a family.   Just last week, we found out that Louisiana is the “Cinderella story” among the 2014 list of states voted “best for business” by over 500 leading CEOs across the nation.  According to Chief Executive magazine in its just released 10th Annual Survey, Louisiana’s meteoric rise from a pro-business ranking of 40th place among the 50 states in 2010 to 9th place in 2014, is proof “that a concerted effort to transform old habits and policies can truly pay off.”

I am proud to have been a part of this positive pro-business transformation along with members of my office, other Louisiana office holders and the citizens of this great state.  We here in Louisiana have known for years that this state is a great place to establish roots and grow a business.  And now, as the 500 leading CEOs have confirmed, others are also waking up to this fact.

My office has made a priority of pursuing large, international companies who have committed fraud in the marketplace, hurt our citizens and obtained an unfair advantage which they have used against our good, honest Louisiana businesses.  We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars from these fraudulent companies using statutes passed by the legislature which were seldom used until I took office.

Evidence of my commitment to the businesses and industries in this state can be found in my office’s recent pursuit of a Chinese corporation which had misappropriated Microsoft software which was being used against a manufacturing business located in the Lafayette Parish area.

Former Washington State Attorney General and current President of the National Alliance for Jobs and Innovation, Rob McKenna, confirms Caldwell’s contributions to the creation of Louisiana’s current pro-business environment by saying, “Our nearly 400 members appreciate and thank Attorney General Caldwell for helping protect U.S. manufacturing jobs by going after overseas software piracy. He recognizes that modern manufacturing depends heavily on software, and that competitors who steal it give themselves an unfair advantage over companies in Louisiana and elsewhere.”