RAGA Announces $4.7 million in Ad Reservations


The Republican Attorneys General Association (@RepublicanAGs) has announced its first wave of television advertising reservations, in three states with attorney general elections in November 2018.

The reservations were made on Wednesday and they total $4.7 million in Arizona ($1.9 million), Nevada ($1.4 million) and Ohio ($1.4 million). This number is separate from the continued investments RAGA has made, across the election map, in all of our targeted races to date. 

“The Republican Attorneys General Association continues to set fundraising records and this success enables our organization to set aggressive budgets earlier in the election cycle,” said RAGA Executive Director Scott Will. “By placing reservations in these key states now, we lock in June advertising rates and ensure RAGA’s resources will go even further this fall. This is just the first wave, we are not done yet.”

The Republican Attorneys General Association’s record-setting fundraising pace, through March 2018, yielded $21 million raised. That is a record and $8.5 million more than was raised, at the same point, in the 2014 election cycle.