Ellison does not show up


You rarely hear about it, but Congress does – occasionally – act on a bipartisan basis to solve problems.

A major bill combatting the opioid epidemic was one such bill. But, Keith Ellison did not make the vote. Yup, he did not show up.

CNN dubbed the bill, “The most expansive legislation Congress has taken to date to address the opioid crisis…” The bill garnered huge bipartisan support, passing 396-14.

How does Ellison explain not voting for this crucial public safety legislation when he is running to be Minnesota’s protector – Minnesota’s Attorney General?

He should not get a pass for his failure to cast a vote. He owes Minnesotans an answer.

Ellison has received $102,875 From the pharmaceuticals/health products industry during his time in Congress (Center For Responsive Politics, Accessed 10/11/18).

Is that why he missed the vote?