with Ellison, it’s criminals over children


The top cop, the state attorney general, needs to protect the most vulnerable – our children – in society. This should be basic – an easy one – not so for Keith Ellison.

Every time it matters, Keith Ellison sides with criminals over children. In Congress, Ellison passionately OPPOSED a common-sense bill to prevent convicted sex offenders from working and teaching in schools.

  • On October 22, 2013, H.R. 2083, The Protecting Students From Sexual And Violent Predators Act, passed the U.S. House of Representatives by voice vote.
  • Keith Ellison, Remarks On The House Floor, 10/22/13 (Minute 23:45 – 25:25)

Deeply troubling, but this was not the first time Ellison advocated FOR sexual predators. In April 2004, when Ellison was in the Minnesota House, he OPPOSED a bill that would have imposed tougher sentences on violent sex offenders.

  • (Rachel Stassen-Berger, “Crime Bill Takes Up Top Issues: Prison Sentences For Sexual Predators And Meth Makers Addressed,” Star Tribune, 4/1/04)

Keith Ellison is a dangerous choice for Minnesotans. He cannot be trusted to keep communities safe.