Phil Weiser Defends His Defense of Serial Pedophile


Fact Check: True

The Colorado Democratic nominee for attorney general, Phil Weiser, just released an ad defending his defense of a serial pedophile.

But, I’m emailing about CBS Denver’s recent ‘Reality Check’ on the Republican Attorneys General Association’s (RAGA) ad “Unfit”. The ad highlights Phil Weiser’s role representing the appeal of a twice-convicted pedophile named Anthony Warnick.

Here is what you missed from ‘Reality Check’:

Prosecutor vs. Professor

Anchor: “It’s the Prosecutor versus the Professor in the race for AG. Certainly a big job that some describe as the state’s top cop.”
Weiser + Pedophile 
Shaun Boyd: “It’s never good when an ad puts you on the side of a pedophile.”
Boyd: “As for his judgement, it’s true, he could have turned down the case.”
Representing a Convicted Pedophile 
Boyd: “It looks bad to represent a convicted pedophile. Regardless of the reason. The Republican Attorneys General Association using that to its advantage.”
You can watch the full ‘Reality Check’ here. To be clear, Shaun gives RAGA a ‘misleading’ on Weiser’s attempt to get a pedophile out of prison early.

We fundamentally disagree with Shaun. Weiser accepted the case, he could have turned it down, then he went before a judge and said: “the State has deprived Mr. Warnick of a constitutionally cognizable liberty interest in an earlier release date”. Those are his exact words. We have the document here.

Further, the State of Oklahoma defines good time credits as: “Good conduct time, good time credit, or time off for good behavior is a sentence reduction given to prisoners who maintain good behavior while imprisoned.”

Bottom line, the practical and legal application of this definition is exactly what Weiser argues.

Two fundamental questions remain for Phil.

1. Why did Phil Weiser not use one of this THREE refusals on this case? As a member of the Criminal Justice Act panel, Weiser is given three refusals per term.

2. Is Phil Weiser still proud of his courtroom litigation experience, including his representation of a twice-convicted pedophile? Back in June, Weiser’s team told Westword: “Phil is proud of the courtroom litigation he has personally led and participated in.”