Democrat Activist and Recent Wisconsin Resident, Josh Kaul, Supports False TV Ad


The Democrat nominee for Wisconsin Attorney General, Josh Kaul, wants to get “some of this money” out of politics, but is more than happy to see that type of money in politics when it benefits him.

Why else would he be okay with the ad that News 3 said “needs clarification”?

News 3 is not alone in their doubt. In fact, they do not go as far as FIVE TV stations in Wisconsin that are no longer airing the DAGA People’s Lawyer Project ad (the Democratic Attorneys General Association’s WI committee).

  • CBS58 in Milwaukee is the latest station to pull the demonstrably false ad.

On UpFront with Mike Gousha over the weekend, Kaul was pressed on the ad and he opted – like he has this entire campaign – to duck the question. Then, something remarkable happened, Josh Kaul got a follow-up question and he was forced to admit he is okay with the ad.

Mike Gousha: Are you okay with the kind of ad that was run, attacking the attorney general?

Josh Kaul: I think ads about people’s records are appropriate.

Kaul has never prosecuted a criminal in Wisconsin. He has never been part of the solution in Wisconsin. The reason is simple, he just got here. Kaul has spent nearly his entire adult life outside of Wisconsin and now he is trying to swoop in and win an election by any means necessary. That is not the Wisconsin way.

Here is the list of stations that are still airing this blatantly misleading and outright false attack ad.