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In early September, Tom Leonard – the Republican nominee for Michigan Attorney General – was down double digits in several public polls. Even our internal polling showed an uphill climb.

That has all changed.

Tom Leonard, a former Genesee County prosecutor and assistant attorney general, never got discouraged. Tom has taken his positive message of a safer and stronger Michigan to all corners of the state, and it is working.

As law enforcement’s choice for attorney general, Leonard has now opened up a three-point lead according to the recent State of the State survey.

  • Republican Tom Leonard is outpacing Democrat Dana Nessel 40 percent to 37 percent, respectively, in SOSS responses.

The State of the State survey comes on the heels of a Detroit Free-Press poll that shows Leonard in a dead heat with Dangerous Dana Nessel – just a month earlier he was down six.

The Republican Attorneys General Association is all in for Tom Leonard, launching a seven-figure TV blitz last week through Election Day.

Tom Leonard is the type of leader Michigan needs. He understands how to bring people together and how to solve problems.

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Or, this compelling take on Leonard’s candidacy from editorial writers, Nolan Finley and Ingrid Jacques, in The Detroit NewsAs AG, Tom Leonard’s priority is Michigan.