did you watch? Phil Weiser bombs FOX31 Denver interview


Have you seen Phil Weiser’s (the Democratic nominee for Colorado Attorney General) disaster of an interview on FOX31 Denver?

Phil Weiser had a tough time with a pretty basic question… check it out.

FOX31 Denver / KDVR — Joe St. George: When was the last time you’ve seen the inside of a courtroom?

Phil ‘the professor’ Weiser: uhhh

Joe St. George: It sounds like it’s been a couple years though, right, since you’ve been inside the courtroom?

The Professor: I’ve been overseeing matters.

Phil Weiser likes to say he has never run for political office before, well, he sure sounds like a politician! The fact of the matter is, Phil has to duck and weave because the truth is revealing.

THE TRUTH: Phil Weiser has been inside a courtroom just six times in his career and one of those times he represented a twice-convicted pedophile. Weiser actually appeared in the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals to argue FOR the restoration of a pedophile’s good time credits.

  • good time credit = sentence reduction = pedophile out on streets earlier

Weiser told the Judge: “Good conduct time, good time credit, or time off for good behavior is a sentence reduction given to prisoners who maintain good behavior while imprisoned.”

The choice is clear, only George Brauchler has the experience to be Colorado Attorney General. He is a proven protector; a strong leader and he has the experience to do the job on day one.

Phil Weiser? His inexperience is worrisome, and his judgement is disqualifying. Phil Weiser is unfit to serve as attorney general.