WATCH: Texas AG Ken Paxton Participates in Border Security Roundtable


Texas Attorney General and RAGA Chair Ken Paxton understands the need for border security. His office has experienced first-hand the crisis at the border, especially human trafficking. That’s why he participated in President Donald Trump’s border security roundtable in McAllen. The Attorney General shared how a barrier in El Paso reduced crime rates and what his office has done to combat human traffickers.

Watch Paxton’s remarks below:


Thank you so much for coming to the border. So many people in Washington talk about the border like they know what’s going on and they don’t come down here, so thank you. Also thank you for your vision, your persistence, your willingness to stand up. I think that no other we’ve had, President or non-President, you’ve done more for border security to push this forward.

We also hear that the narrative is that the wall won’t work. If you go to El Paso, we’ve put up a barrier there, under the Bush administration, it’s over one hundred miles long. El Paso used to have one of the highest crime rates in America. After that fence went up, and separated Juarez, which still has extremely high crime rates, the crime rates in El Paso are some of the lowest in the country. So we know it works. So the narrative is incorrect, and we’ve tested it in Texas.

I started a human trafficking unit my first year in office, and I did it because, largely because of the border, we have the second highest human trafficking rate in the country. Over 300,000 people are victims of that crime every year. Houston is the worst city in America, and we’re addressing that, and border security will clearly have a positive impact on those horrible and horrific statistics that are affecting our women and children.