Greg Stumbo’s Deafening Silence

Johnny KoremenosNews

Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) Executive Director Adam Piper continued RAGA’s call for the Democratic Attorneys General Association and it’s Kentucky nominee, Greg Stumbo, to condemn the intolerant attacks on Daniel Cameron, the Republican nominee for Kentucky Attorney General.

For six days, Stumbo has refused to apologize to Daniel Cameron, a black Republican, for calling him “child” and putting his face on “wanted posters” at Fancy Farm, Kentucky’s biggest and most historic political event of the year.

Piper stated, “Greg Stumbo knows he’s too liberal for the Commonwealth so he had to resort to using painful and prejudiced rhetoric.”

FACT: Incumbent Democrat Attorney General Andy Beshear was 37 when elected and former Democrat Attorney General Jack Conway was 38. Greg Stumbo supported both men and did not call them “child.”

FACT: Democrat partisans have spewed vile attacks at Cameron on radio and on twitter, as reported by the Louisville Courier-Journal earlier this week.

FACT: For days, DAGA, Stumbo and the Kentucky Democratic Party have refused to denounce these awful attacks.

FACT: Yesterday, Joe Biden apologized for an insensitive remark about “poor kids.” His campaign did the right thing and issued an apology within hours. Biden donor Greg Stumbo should follow in the former Vice President’s footsteps and stop his Fancy Farm remarks and the innuendos that have no place in Kentucky or national politics.