“Crickets,” Senator Tim Scott on Democrat Reaction to Attacks on Daniel Cameron

Johnny KoremenosNews

Last night on Fox News, U.S. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina addressed the  ‘vile’ attacks on Kentucky Attorney General candidate Daniel Cameron. Sen. Scott expressed outrage at the “crickets” Americans have heard from Democrats on the subject, calling it “disgusting.”

“You’ve not heard a single Democrat Presidential candidate speak out, not even an iota, against these absolutely vile comments about Daniel Cameron,” said Senator Scott. 

For more than a week, Greg Stumbo, Democrat candidate for Kentucky Attorney General, has refused to apologize to Daniel Cameron, a black Republican, for calling him “child” and putting his face on “wanted posters” at Fancy Farm, Kentucky’s biggest and most historic political event of the year.

Similarly, Stumbo and national Democrats have not distanced themselves from a prominent Democrat who told Cameron to stop eating “coon flakes.”