Lynn Fitch: A Constitutional Conservative Who Respects the Rule of Law

Johnny KoremenosNews

Mississippi voters nominated Lynn Fitch yesterday to be the Republican nominee for Attorney General.

Fitch is guided by the rule of law and Constitutional conservative principles.

Her exemplary career in public service has prepared her to hit the ground running on day one

Fitch has served two terms as the elected Mississippi state Treasurer and is the only candidate who has worked in the Attorney General’s office.

Lynn Fitch has worked side by side with Mississippi’s businesses and job creators and understands that burdensome rules and regulations stifle innovation, freedom, and prosperity. As a staunch defender of the ConstitutionFitch will fight for the freedoms of all Mississippians.

Conservative Lynn Fitch is ready to serve and the Republican Attorneys General Association is committed to helping Lynn Fitch become Mississippi’s first Republican Attorney General since 1878.