Jennifer Riley Collins is Too Liberal Even for Jim Hood

Johnny KoremenosNews

There’s turmoil on the Democrat ticket in Mississippi.

Radical liberal Democrat Mississippi AG candidate Jennifer Riley Collins is having a temper tantrum because, despite support from California Democrats, incumbent Democrat Mississippi Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Jim Hood continues to avoid Riley Collins and her campaign.

In a very public post last week, Riley Collins asked her supporters why the incumbent Democrat AG isn’t endorsing her campaign. 

Possible reasons Jennifer Riley Collins is receiving shade from local Mississippi Democrats:

  • Jennifer Riley Collins supports sanctuary cities.
  • Jennifer Riley Collins supports giving illegal immigrants in-state tuition at Mississippi colleges.
  • Jennifer Riley Collins opposes tougher penalties on criminals who attack police officers.

No matter the reason for Hood’s ghosting of Riley Collins, it’s clear: Jennifer Riley Collins is wrong for Mississippi and way too liberal even for Jim Hood.