RAGA Announces First Contrast Ad of Kentucky AG’s Race, “40 Years” Lowlights Greg Stumbo’s Decades of Deceit

Johnny KoremenosNews

The Kentucky Freedom Fund today began airing a new television ad reminding Kentuckians of career politician Greg Stumbo’s time in Frankfort – four dismal decades filled with scandal and deceit.

The ad, “40 Years,” scratches the surface on Stumbo’s sordid track record, including covering up sexual harassment allegations, handing out plea deals to criminals who harmed seniors, and becoming a millionaire on the taxpayers’ dime.

“Kentuckians have held their nose when it comes to the stench of Stumbo’s sleazy behavior for 40 years too long,” said RAGA Executive Director Adam Piper. “Greg Stumbo can run from his past, but he cannot hide. We are confident Greg Stumbo will be held accountable at the ballot box for disregarding the law, wielding his power for personal financial gain at the cost of teachers and taxpayers, and putting Kentucky’s most vulnerable at risk. Voters have a chance to finally throw away Stumbo’s spoiled milk and elect Daniel Cameron, a fresh voice committed to cleaning up the office of Attorney General.”

“40 Years” is Kentucky Freedom Fund’s third ad. It is part of RAGA’s previously announced $3.25 million television buy. 

The ad script is as follows:

For 40 years, Greg Stumbo’s been the ultimate Frankfort politician.
Stumbo voted for years of bad budgets that underfunded state pensions for teachers…
…while voting to fully-fund pensions for politicians like himself – becoming a millionaire on the taxpayer dime.
Stumbo even gave plea deals to violent criminals.
…and helped cover up sexual harassment scandals in the legislature.
After 40 years, hasn’t Kentucky had enough of Greg Stumbo?