RAGA Statement on Court Ruling Upholding Republican Daniel Cameron’s Eligibility to be Kentucky Attorney General

Kelly LacoNews

RAGA Executive Director Adam Piper today issued the below statement following the court’s ruling upholding that conservative Republican candidate Daniel Cameron is qualified to be Kentucky Attorney General: 

“As expected, the court agreed there is no doubt about Daniel Cameron’s qualification to be Kentucky Attorney General. Greg Stumbo’s desperate last ditch effort to remove Daniel Cameron from the ballot summed up Stumbo’s 40 year career in a nutshell – a sad political stunt wrapped inside a frivolous lawsuit. On November 5, Kentuckians have a clear choice between Daniel Cameron, a fresh voice committed to the rule of law, and Greg Stumbo, a liberal retread plagued by 40 years of scandal and corruption.”

Conservative Republican Daniel Cameron will restore credibility to the office of Attorney General and work with law enforcement to make Kentucky safer.