11 Highlights from Last Night’s Kentucky Attorney General Debate

Johnny KoremenosNews

Last night, conservative Republican Attorney General candidate Daniel Cameron trounced his liberal Democratic opponent, Greg Stumbo, in the race’s first debate. The debate, hosted by Kentucky Educational Television, had a clear winner: Daniel Cameron.

Below are 11 highlights from the debate.

  1. Daniel Cameron showed that he is law enforcement’s choice, not only by highlighting his endorsement from the Kentucky Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) and Commonwealth attorneys and sheriffs, but by promising to work closely with prosecutors and law enforcement officers to refocus the Kentucky AG’s office on public safety and the opioid epidemic. 
  2. Greg Stumbo perpetuated many outlandish falsehoods last night, but the greatest might have been his excuse for not having support from law enforcement and the Kentucky FOP. FOP rejected his nonsense in a series of high-profile tweets.
  3. Daniel Cameron proudly stated his support for President Trump
  4. Greg Stumbo tried to hide the fact that he’s with Hillary Clinton and served as her co-chair in Kentucky and funneled thousands of dollars to her campaign.
  5. Daniel Cameron promised to enforce and defend the law as it is written by the legislature. Daniel Cameron is the only rule-of-law candidate in the race for Kentucky Attorney General. Daniel Cameron will defend the Constitutions of the United States and Kentucky.
  6. Greg Stumbo said he would pick and choose which laws to enforce and defend. Greg Stumbo would be a disaster for Kentucky’s business community and would substitute his beliefs for the beliefs of the people as enacted by their elected representatives in the legislature.
  7. Daniel Cameron said that he will protect the sanctity of lifeCameron is the only candidate in the race for AG who is backed by the pro-life organization, Susan B. Anthony List.
  8. Greg Stumbo bowed to Planned Parenthood, which bankrolls his campaign’s biggest supporter. Greg Stumbo has a history of pro-choice actions. When he was the leader of the Kentucky House of Representatives, Stumbo blocked pro-life legislation.
  9. Daniel Cameron demonstrated he is ready to lead on day one and has the experience to be the next Attorney General of Kentucky.
  10. Greg Stumbo reassured viewers that he is a career politician, having been in public office for four decades! Greg Stumbo was soundly rejected by voters when he was last on the ballot in 2016 because Stumbo’s values are out of touch with Kentucky.
  11. The biggest surprise of the night was when Greg Stumbo slipped and said the Attorney General’s Office, which has been controlled by Democrats for 70 years —including incumbent liberal Democrat Attorney General and Democrat gubernatorial candidate Andy Beshear and former Democrat Attorney General Jack Conway—”needs to get back in the business of protecting children… of looking at public corruption,” further widening the gap between Stumbo and Beshear.