Lynn Fitch “Best for Business and Jobs” in Race for Mississippi AG

Kelly LacoNews

The contrast between the two candidates in the race for Mississippi Attorney General could not be clearer. Lynn Fitch is a conservative Republican committed to the rule of law and defending the Constitution. Fitch’s liberal Democrat opponent is completely out of touch with Mississippi, courting support from Hollywood and national liberals like Kamala Harris.
When it comes to promoting and protecting a stable and predictable legal and regulatory environment, there’s nobody better suited to occupy the Office of Mississippi Attorney General than Lynn Fitch and Mississippi’s business community agrees!
This week, the Business and Industry Political Education Committee (BIPEC) named Lynn Fitch as “Best for Business and Jobs.”
BIPEC reviewed both candidates’ backgrounds and key positions and disseminated research findings to its members for educational purposes.
Derek Easley, BIPEC President & CEO, said, “The 2019 Attorney General’s race is critical to Mississippi’s future. Lynn Fitch has been a dedicated public servant since first being elected to statewide office in 2011. As Mississippi’s next Attorney General, Lynn Fitch will adhere to the law, and apply a common sense, free-market approach to governing.”

It is clear that Lynn Fitch is the best choice for AG because she will help bolster economic growth throughout Mississippi.