RAGA Congratulates Daniel Cameron on Being Elected Kentucky Attorney General

Johnny KoremenosNews

History was made in Kentucky tonight, as Daniel Cameron was elected Attorney General. Not only is Cameron going to be the Commonwealth’s first African American Attorney General, he will be the first Republican Attorney General since 1948.

Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) Chairman and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton released the following statement congratulating Cameron on his victory.

“Kentucky voters sent a strong signal tonight: They want Daniel Cameron to clean up decades of Democrat dysfunction and restore credibility to the Attorney General’s Office. For the first time in a generation, Kentucky will have an Attorney General who is focused on supporting and defending the rule of law and Kentucky’s law enforcement community, and more interested in fighting public safety challenges than political opponents. Daniel was an excellent candidate and as Kentucky Attorney General, will make every Kentuckian proud of the Commonwealth.”

RAGA Executive Director Adam Piper echoed Chairman Paxton’s remarks.

“We are proud to have supported Daniel’s historic race for Attorney General with RAGA’s most comprehensive campaign effort in 20 years. In addition to the organization’s first-ever field program, which knocked on over 100,000 doors, RAGA through its vehicle, the Kentucky Freedom Fund, cut through the clutter with hard hitting ads, memorable mail pieces, innovative uses of campaign technology, and did so while keeping a daily drumbeat of strategic communications. As a result, Kentucky provided RAGA with the ability to retake the majority and major momentum heading into 2020, when RAGA will help to defend five incumbent Republican attorneys general and expand its majority.”