RAGA Denounces Democrats’ Extremist Pledge to Only Endorse Candidates Who Support Unlimited Right to Abortion

Kelly LacoNews

The Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) Executive Director Adam Piper today issued the following statement in response to the pledge by the Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) to impose a new litmus test and only endorse candidates who publicly support the unlimited right to abortion:

“The only litmus test for an attorney general should be a belief in the rule of law and the courage to defend and uphold the constitution. The Democrats demonstrated once again how out of touch and desperate they are to receive funding from dangerously progressive special interest groups who support using hard-earned taxpayer dollars to fund late-term and third trimester abortions. Following a clean sweep of wins in 2019, Republicans have outstanding momentum going into 2020. While RAGA is focused on winning elections and the hearts and minds of voters, DAGA is focused on disregarding the rule of law and folding to the demands of extreme special interest groups.”

In 2019, voters across the country agreed with the sensible, pro-life, and rule of law centered agenda of Republicans and all three candidates were elected in a clean sweep, taking over the majority of attorneys general nationwide. DAGA’s new litmus test is out of touch with states with attorneys general seats up in 2020, including North Carolina and Pennsylvania, both states President Trump won in 2016. The American people will see through the Democrat’s liberal farce and continue to elect principled Republicans committed to making communities safer.