ICYMI: South Carolina AG Wilson Defends Second Amendment from Mike Bloomberg’s Co-Chair

Johnny KoremenosNews

Columbia, S.C. Mayor Steve Benjamin, Mike Bloomberg’s campaign co-chair, has been taking a page out of the former New York City mayor’s playbook, imposing unconstitutional firearms restrictions on residents and South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson is going to bat for the Second Amendment and firearm owners, in response.

Despite a South Carolina state law that bars counties and municipalities from creating “any ordinance that regulates or attempts to regulate … the transfer, ownership, possession, carrying, or transportation of firearms, ammunition, components of firearms, or any combination of these things,” Mayor Benjamin and the Columbia City Council have passed numerous ordinances that would do just that.

Luckily for South Carolinians, AG Alan Wilson isn’t backing down from his defense of the Second Amendment. This week, AG Wilson sent Mayor Benjamin a letter that outlines how the ordinances are unconstitutional and “pose an open invitation to costly litigation for which the municipal taxpayers must pay.”

As South Carolina-based FITSNEWS wrote, “South Carolina attorney general Alan Wilson is pushing back against efforts by municipalities in the Palmetto State to unconstitutionally infringe upon the Second Amendment rights of their citizens. Or to put it another way, Wilson is enforcing the law of the land … and in this case, the explicit laws of the Palmetto State.”

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