ICYMI: Missouri AG Eric Schmitt Stands Up for First Amendment Establishment Clause Protections in High School Football Public Prayer Lawsuit

Kelly LacoNews

This week, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt sent a letter of support to the Superintendent of the Cameron R-1 School District after a lawsuit was filed against the school by an out of state anti-religion extremist organization alleging that voluntary team prayer before football games is unconstitutional.

AG Schmitt points out in his letter that the threats from Freedom from Religion Foundation “ring hollow” and that, in fact, the Constitution’s Establishment Clause does not prohibit public prayer. AG Schmitt states that the First Amendment clearly “protects the rights of public school students to engage in voluntary prayer in public spaces” and is a “cherished part of our national history.”

The U.S. Supreme Court has recognized voluntary prayer as constitutional time and time again. In his letter, AG Schmitt cites years of Supreme Court precedent upholding the role of prayer in U.S. history and the important First Amendment freedom for public-school students to participate in religious activities on public property.

Attorney General Schmitt is standing up to anti-religious extremist bullies determined to eliminate religion entirely from the public sphere. 

Read more about AG Schmitt’s dedication to upholding the Constitution and Supreme Court precent protecting the freedom of religious expression here: https://krcgtv.com/news/local/schmitt-responds-to-complaint-alleging-football-coachs-use-of-prayer-is-unconstitutional