ICYMI: Republicans Boost Trump’s Judicial ‘Farm Team’ After AG Elections, Set Sights on Bloomberg

Kelly LacoNews

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is funneling money and climate activists into Democratic state attorneys general offices 

Fox News reported that the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) has successfully boosted President Trump’s federal judiciary “Farm Team” by going 3-0 in all attorney general (AG) races in the 2019 cycle.

Alumni of Republican AG offices, also known as the Farm Team, have been confirmed to the federal bench at record numbers and many also hold top leadership roles within the Trump Administration. Former Republican AGs and senior staff now account for 26 of Trump-appointed federal judges after the confirmation of Lawrence VanDyke to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals last week.

RAGA Executive Director Adam Piper told Fox News in an interview last week, “the GOP’s clean sweep of AG races on election night has drawn attention to the group and will help provide future judicial picks for the president to choose from.”

Piper also explained to Fox News that energy issues are one of RAGA’s top concerns, specifically calling out issues with a covert and ethically ambiguous scheme run by Democratic presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg.

“When you look at the left… George Soros and Michael Bloomberg have pumped over $10 million into this clandestine project at New York University to pay for mercenaries… who go to work in state AG offices on the left,” Piper said.

Fox News reported that the State Energy and Environmental Impact Center was created by Bloomberg in 2017 and is headquartered at NYU Law. The Center seeks to hire and place attorneys in Democratic state AG offices in order to fight the Trump Administration’s energy policies.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton echoed Piper’s concerns, saying that the ethical problems with the scheme are “obvious.” Paxton stated, “environmental extremists can’t win at the ballot box or through the legislative process so they’re trying a new tactic: embed climate activists in the offices of Democrat state attorneys general.”

In contrast to Republican AG offices, who consistently attract rule-of-law-minded staff, Paxton called out Democratic state AG offices for “taking on seasoned attorneys being paid by a radical liberal Democratic Presidential primary candidate, and in turn, wield state police power and use the authority of the state attorney general to implement Bloomberg’s progressive climate change agenda across the country.”

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