The Republican Attorneys General “Farm Team” Expands with Confirmation of Andrew Brasher to the 11th Circuit

Kelly LacoNews

The Senate voted today to confirm former Alabama Solicitor General Andrew Brasher to the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit Court, growing the Republican judicial “Farm Team” and ensuring that the Constitution will be protected by brilliant legal minds who are dedicated to preserving the rule of law for years to come. Brasher’s confirmation boosts the number of officials from state attorneys general offices who have been nominated and confirmed to circuit and district judgeships to 26. 

The National Journal published a story of Trump’s robust Farm Team in its print edition today: “Trump Fills Bench with Obama-Era Conservative Litigators.”

The National Journal praises the important role of the state attorneys general, and in particular state solicitors general. Current members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and other political leaders across the country echoed support for the growing Farm Team and the expansion of the influence of attorneys general and their staff.

Current Texas Senator and former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz: “One of the most important legal developments of the last quarter-century is the rise of state solicitors general. State attorneys general are recruiting top-tier legal talents and empowering them to have a significant impact on major constitutional issues being litigated across the country. Unsurprisingly, that top-tier legal talent is more and more being looked to for judicial nominations.”

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall: “They’re all outstanding lawyers with remarkable academic records and were distinguished practitioners long before they came to the attorney general’s office. But beyond that, solicitor generals were involved in the most significant constitutional cases around the country, which is, I think, a perfect training ground for individuals who ultimately make those decisions.”

RAGA Chairman and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry: “If you really want to impact policy—which is kind of sad when you think about it—really, AGs have been able to impact policy greater than anybody of the legislature right now, because of the litigious nature of our [political] environment. So it’s been a great way to actually get some things done.”

RAGA Executive Director Adam Piper: “When you have folks who for eight years were the last line of defense for our nation and the rule of law, it’s a pretty good predictor [that] these folks are rock solid, making them one heck of a farm team and a pretty easy call-up. It’s not a risky move as we saw with frankly a lot of the Bush judges. You were taking folks up and kind of like shaking a Magic 8 Ball hoping they’re gonna be conservative judges.”