WATCH: Republican Attorneys General Slam Radical Agenda of the Lawless Liberals in Charleston

Kelly LacoNews


On Tuesday, former South Carolina Attorney General Charlie Condon hosted a panel with current South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson, Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, and Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr blocks away from the location of the Democrat presidential debate in Charleston. The attorneys general discussed how the Democrats’ lawless agenda is harmful to Americans, especially the radial socialist agenda of Senator Bernie Sanders and Mike Bloomberg’s “buy the election” mentality.

A number of national and local outlets covered the event, including Fox News, The Washington Times, BreitbartABC, CBS, and the Atlanta Journal ConstitutionSouth Carolina Attorney General Wilson also appeared on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto and Yahoo Finance TV to further drive home why the Democrats’ lawless agenda is bad for America.

On Bernie Sanders’ radial socialist agenda, Attorney General Chris Carr stated, “there is a slippery slope when you start espousing socialist principles. There is no freedom of religion. There is no freedom of the press. There is no freedom of speech. There is no right to assemble. There is no right to bear arms. There is no right to a fair, open, and public trial. And that’s where this conversation is going.”

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge blasted Democrat candidate Mike Bloomberg for attempting to buy the election and push his own radical agenda that Americans oppose. She said, “the Democrats couldn’t pass the Green New Deal in Congress, so they are going around Congress and funding their environmental agenda through Mike Bloomberg’s pocket.” AG Rutledge continued, “isn’t it funny that the Democrats want to stand on stage tonight (and they’ve stood on every stage they can get on) and tell us how bad the wealthy are. But, who has the most millionaires and billionaires on stage? And in particular Mike Bloomberg.”

The shift in the Democratic party’s ideology is extremely concerning, according to South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson. “What’s happened is you’ve seen radical candidates, people who are so far, so extreme that they have made socialism the new left of the Democratic Party, and ultra-liberalism is now the moderate wing of the Democratic party. And that’s scary,” he said.