RAGA Chairman Landry and Vice Chairman Carr Call Out Democrat AG Nessel for Playing Politics and Putting Mussels Before Michigan

Kelly LacoNews

The Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) leadership is holding Democrat Attorney General (AG) Dana Nessel accountable for her failure to protect Michiganders from massive flooding caused by the collapse of the Edenville Dam this week. Her blatant incompetence led to the tragic destruction of property and the forced evacuation of 10,000 residents.

AG Nessel ignored growing concerns about the dam’s ability to withstand heavy rain and focused instead on environmental conservation. Just three weeks before the flood, AG Nessel sued the owner of the dam, Boyce Hydro Power LLC, alleging it illegally killed thousands of freshwater mussels by lowering water levels. As a result of pressure from the Michigan AG to keep water levels high, and inaction on safety concerns, the dam did not have an adequate spillway capacity and collapsed.

RAGA Chairman Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry said, “Democrat Dana Nessel clearly has her priorities mixed up. As the top law enforcement officer in the state, an attorney general has a duty to protect its citizens. Newsflash: a personal environmental protection crusade does not trump the safety of the people within your state. Unfortunately, the Democrat prioritized a handful of small crustaceans over the well-being of thousands of Michiganders.”

Due to a national spotlight this week on the tragic Michigan flooding, AG Nessel attempted to cover-up her careless actions by tweeting disparagingly at President Trump about his “legal and moral responsibility” to wear a mask during his tour of the Ford manufacturing plant, which he did. It appears that AG Nessel is actually the politician who misplaced her sense of moral responsibility — just ask the 10,000 Michiganders that her careless actions displaced.

RAGA Vice Chairman Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr stated, “As a Michigan native and as an attorney general, I believe that it is clear that Democrat Dana Nessel’s dangerous mix of political pandering and misplaced priorities resulted in massive property damage and the displacement of over 10,000 families. Even worse, instead of apologizing for putting the interest of mussels before the safety of the people of Michigan, Nessel deflected blame by playing political games and coming unhinged during President Trump’s visit. The people of Michigan won’t forget that when it mattered, “Nessel’s Mussels” got more protection than the families, homes and communities of hardworking Michiganders.”