National Democrat AG Association Co-Chair Cheers America Burning

Kelly LacoNews

Massachusetts Attorney General and Co-Chair of the Democrat Attorneys General Association says she favors the burning because “that’s how forests grow”

With American cities coast to coast on fire over the last week, and rioters and looters taking to the streets, torching police cars, police stations, banks, businesses,  homes, and even a church, the Co-Chair of the Democrat Attorneys General Association publicly urged the continued burning of America.

During a speech on Tuesday, liberal Massachusetts Attorney General and Democrat Attorneys General Association Co-Chair Maura Healey referenced the violence going on across the country, saying, “Yes, America is burning. But that’s how forests grow.”

Shockingly, Healey didn’t hide her inflammatory rhetoric. Instead, she doubled down and echoed her comments on social media later that day.

“The wrongful death of any innocent life is a tragedy. That includes George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery, and now the numerous law enforcement officers and business owners who have been killed or assaulted as a result of these riots and domestic terrorism. Criminal elements have infiltrated peaceful protests, and those individuals breaking the law must be held accountable,” said Republican Attorneys General Association Chairman and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry.

“Maura Healey’s inflammatory rhetoric is part of the problem, not a solution. An AG is elected to uphold the rule of law and protect life and property, not to violate their oath and incite additional violence by inflaming emotions and condoning lawlessness,” Landry added. “AG Healey has an obligation to quell fear, not incite further damage and destruction. I call upon Maura Healey as DAGA co-chair to take down her campaign graphic and to quit fanning the flames of emotion for political gain.”

While most Americans watched in horror as these tragic scenes played out through their windows or on their television screens, it appears Healey was watching and cheering them on.

Healey’s tweet can be seen below.