Republican AGs and Candidates Condemn Dangerous Democrat Cries to “Defund the Police”

Kelly LacoNews

As the top law enforcement officers in their states, the Republican attorneys general (AGs) condemn the reckless Democrat plan to “Defund the Police” that will lead to absolute chaos in American communities. Yesterday, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron and Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody participated in a law enforcement roundtable at the White House led by President Trump and Vice President Pence.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody: “The idea that we would ever dismantle our police administration, coming from not only as the Attorney General of the great state of Florida, as federal prosecutor, or as a judge for over a decade, but as a wife of a law-enforcement officer, I see what these men and women do for our communities. They rush in to save us when other people rush out. They deliver babies. They charge in when someone is hyped up on fentanyl and just beat his wife and children and rescue them. We expect great things. We have to ensure they’re safe, and at the same time, we must remain committed to improving our system. We stand ready to assist you.” View AG Moody’s full remarks at the White House roundtable here.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron: “Calls to defund and disband the police are extremely dangerous & reckless. That’s not the right answer. We face incredible public safety challenges throughout the Commonwealth that can only be solved when law enforcement and our communities work together.” Full tweet here.  Read AG Cameron’s readout of the White House law enforcement roundtable here.

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall: “In a world where police are powerless and anarchy reigns free, the wealthy could afford to hire—and, as night follows day, certainly would hire—private security forces to protect themselves and their palatial estates. And what about the rest of society? The truth of the matter is that the “elites” promoting the “Defund the Police” movement are too busy peddling lies about law enforcement and our country to care about the effects of the ideas they advance.”

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge: “The vast majority of law enforcement officers care deeply for the communities they protect & wish to eliminate those unfit to serve as peacekeepers. Americans must come together to offer reasonable common-sense solutions. Any effort to defund or disband police departments diminishes the rule of law on which our society was founded.“ Full tweet here.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody: “We cannot have so-called leaders coming out and saying they want to defund the police. That is shortsighted and it’s irresponsible.” WATCH Attorney General Moody’s appearance on Fox and Friends First where she discusses her participation in the White House law enforcement roundtable.

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr: “‘Defund the Police’ is dangerous and will not keep one person safer in Georgia or our nation. We need constructive voices to offer meaningful suggestions to protect lives and improve relationships between police and the community. We must support programs like the TRUST initiative which addresses harm to racial minorities and transforms relationships between police departments and the communities they serve.”

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill: Fox News: “Defund police in response to George Floyd killing? It’s an insane idea that would increase crime.” Read AG Hill’s full op ed here.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry: “Democrat AGs must immediately clarify their position on the radical and senseless effort to dismantle law enforcement. As top law enforcement officers in their respective states, AGs have a duty to support law enforcement and oppose chaos.” Full tweet here.

Montana Attorney General Tim Fox: “Recent calls by some misguided individuals to defund law enforcement agencies in the wake of the George Floyd tragedy are not only reckless overreactions to a serious situation, but are an insult to the thousands of good law enforcement officers across our country who put their lives on the line every day to protect public safety. I am dedicated to equal justice for all, and to ensuring that the Montana Law Enforcement Academy and our Police Safety Officer Standards and Training Council continue to uphold rigorous standards that protect the rights, lives, and property of all.” Full tweet here.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost: “There are predators in the world. When one is at my family’s door, I do NOT want my 911 call to bring a social worker in a Prius. Better policing, yes. Defunding, no. #FundThePolice Minneapolis Council president aspires to have a ‘police free society.’ Full tweet here.

Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter: “The call to defund police departments is concerning and counterproductive. It would lead to higher crime rates across the country and seriously compromises the commitment to public safety of state and local governments. In places where department budgets are deeply cut, aging equipment would never be replaced, slower response times for those in need could result in a life or death situation and would ensure cuts to critical programs like school resource officers, who protect our children from violence on school campuses. I respectfully request those making this call to dispense with the rhetoric and employ reason as we all focus on solutions that unite our nation.”

Pennsylvania Attorney General Candidate Heather Heidelbaugh: “Josh Shapiro owes Pennsylvanians an answer on whether he supports these radical proposals that his party is adopting across the country that will endanger public safety. Shapiro can’t hide forever, and he needs to state clearly that he opposes these efforts that will put millions of Americans in increased danger. I believe an effective and fair police force is crucial for our safety and liberty. As Attorney General, I would oppose these radical, left-wing efforts and work with all communities to ensure that our streets are safe.”

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson: “We must all stand together against against racism and police misconduct. We must also stand together against this dangerous and chaotic “defund the police” movement. I work with law enforcement officers every day to combat child predators, human traffickers, and violent criminals. These law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every day to keep all of us safe and defunding them is a ridiculous and dangerous response to this issue.” Read the full statement here.

South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg: “The idea of defunding or disbanding police depts would not #keepSDsafe in fact it would make us all less safe & increase crime!” Full tweet here.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton: “Will the same liberals who want to “defund the police” also be willing give up their security details?” Full tweet here.

“The media is trying to help Democrats walk back their idiotic plan to “defund the police.” “But what does “defund the police” mean? It’s not necessarily about gutting police department budgets.” Good luck with that.” Full tweet here.

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes: “Defunding law enforcement will endanger our communities. I’m open to dialogues about changing policing policies and have instituted reform measures such as a violence de-escalation program, but “dismantling” police will create communities of chaos. #peaceofficers #ThinBlueLine.” Full tweet here.

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey: “This concept of defunding the police is just plain nuts. Here’s what that would mean in WV and America: MORE crime MORE drug overdoses MORE violence MORE vigilantism MORE inequality. @JoeBiden and his allies in WV must come out and publicly repudiate this insane idea.” Full tweet here.

Just last week, liberal Massachusetts attorney general and Democrat Attorneys General Association Co-Chair Maura Healey used inflammatory rhetoric to publicly urge the continued burning of America. This week, every Democrat AG has continued to be on board with chaos, refusing to decry the dangerous plea to defund the police.

The Democrat AGs must immediately clarify their position on the radical and senseless effort to dismantle law enforcement. Today, the Minnesota Jobs Coalition called on Democrat Attorney General Ellison to publicly state if he agrees with the Minneapolis City Council that the police should no longer exist. Minnesotans deserve an answer now.

As the top law enforcement officers in their respective states, AGs have a duty to support the hard working police force and must refuse to condone the chaos, violence, and unrest that would erupt without a strong nationwide law enforcement presence.