Democrat Attorney General Bob Ferguson is Hiding While Washington State Erupts into Anarchy

Kelly LacoNews

Washington state’s Democrat Attorney General (AG) Bob Ferguson is hiding in his basement while Antifa and other lawless activists have taken over the Seattle Police Department and an entire neighborhood. These protestors are refusing to give up their “autonomous zone” until they abolish the city’s police force and obtain the blanket exoneration of felons, including rapists, murders, and child predators.

Bob Ferguson is so terrified of this woke mob that he cannot do his job as the top law enforcement officer in the state and condemn the actions of his lawless liberal friends.

Are there any responsible Democrats in the country? The liberals’ silence on this law and order issue is deafening as American communities head into more chaos and anarchy.

AG Ferguson’s colleague, Massachusetts AG Maura Healey, even publicly urged the burning of American cities instead of endorsing safe and lawful solutions to civil unrest. While most Americans are watching in horror as small businesses and places of worship burn across the country, not a single Democrat has condemned AG Healey’s incendiary comments.

The American people need Republican leadership during this time of chaos. They clearly cannot count on lawless liberals to stand up for law and order or create safe communities.