Democrat Jonathan Weinzapfel is Out of Step with Indiana Values

Kelly LacoNews

Lawless Liberal Put Boondoggles Over Badges and Hillary Over Hoosiers

Newly minted Democrat nominee for attorney general, lawless liberal Jonathan Weinzapfel, does not support the strong Hoosier values of family, safety, and economic security.

Weinzapfel’s record clearly reflects his passion for promoting the radical agendas of his influential Democrat friends over keeping hardworking Hoosiers safe. 

When Weinzapfel had the chance to back Hoosier values in 2016, he instead chose to support Hillary Clinton’s campaign, which endorsed raising electric bills throughout the state, opposed building the strong border wall, and fought the tough-on-crime policies that would protect Hoosiers.

Hoosiers also cannot trust Democrat Weinzapfel because his past actions reveal that he is not committed to keeping families safe. As Mayor of the City of Evansville, Weinzapfel’s $120 million boondoggle arena project was financed by emptying money from a fund used for police and fire department equipment. Tragically, the project bled out money and left hardworking first responders at a disadvantage to properly and safely respond to fires and crime.

This November, the people of Indiana will make the simple choice to choose a Republican over an out of step liberal who puts the radical interests of Hillary and her friends over those of hardworking Hoosiers.