Lawless Liberal Sam Petsonk Wants to Turn a “Weekend at Bernie’s” into 4 Years of Misery for West Virginians

Kelly LacoNews

After more than one week, West Virginia finally certified its Democrat candidate for Attorney General, lawless liberal Sam Petsonk. Petsonk’s record of contributing to Bernie Sanders, supporting socialized medicine, pushing a radical environmental agenda, and claiming raising taxes would help economic development, may mollify the left half of West Virginia Democrats, but is completely out of sync with the people of the Mountain state.

The last thing the people of West Virginia need is Sam Petsonk, a radical whose allegiance is to liberal politicians and causes.

Petsonk, who once wrote a paper riffing on the comedy, “Weekend at Bernie’s,” contributed to environmentalist warrior Bernie Sanders, not once, not twice, but three times back in 2015 and 2016, before it was mainstream to do so.

Petsonk has also worked against President Trump and his agenda for the last five years. The extreme liberal supports single payer socialized-style medicine and favors raising taxes and bankrupting West Virginia’s energy industry in order to pursue his radical environmental agenda.

Unlike lawless liberal Petsonk, conservative Republican Patrick Morrisey has a strong record of bolstering West Virginia’s economy, supporting the energy industry, and championing conservative ideals. 

Results-oriented rule of law candidate Patrick Morrisey will work hand-in-hand with the Trump Administration to keep West Virginians safe.