Republican AG Candidates Strongly Support Law Enforcement and Condemn “Defund the Police” Amid Deafening Silence by Democrats 

Kelly LacoNews

After an entire month of thundering Democrat cries to dismantle law enforcement, not a single Democrat candidate for attorney general (AG) has publicly issued a statement in support of our nation’s hardworking women and men in uniform. In fact, when reached for comment about the reckless “defund the police” movement, only one Democrat AG responded by simply passing the buck.

As each state’s top law enforcement officer, or aspiring top cop, silence by Democrats on “defund the police” is unacceptable.

In Montana, as reports have emerged about attacks against Montana’s law enforcement officers and their families, Democrat candidate for Attorney General Raph Graybill has remained silent.

North Carolina Republican Attorney General Nominee Jim O’Neill said, “the liberal Democratic plan to defund and abolish the police is a radical solution that I will never support. Without law and order, chaos and anarchy will take over our communities and destroy peace and economic prosperity for all of our citizens.”

Pennsylvania Republican Attorney General Nominee Heather Heidelbaugh responded to Democrat AG Josh Shapiro’s silence on “defund the police” by saying“AG Josh Shapiro cannot stay silent forever. He owes Pennsylvanians a clear statement on the radical proposals to defund the police that his party is adopting across the country, which will endanger public safety and put millions of Americans at increased risk. I believe that an effective and fair police force is crucial for our safety and liberty. As Attorney General, I will work to ensure the public’s safety by maintaining effective and law abiding policing throughout the Commonwealth.”

In Washington State, Democrat Attorney General Bob Ferguson stated that as the state’s top law enforcement officer, he does not oversee any peace offers or fully-commissioned law enforcement” and that questions about “defund the police” or the illegal CHOP unauthorized zone should be directed to any local lawmaker or officer, except him.

Washington State Republican Attorney General Candidate Matt Larkin immediately responded to Ferguson’s hypocrisy, “As Attorney General, I would ensure our police have the resources they need and not oppose efforts to defund the very men and women who keep our communities safe. Our police need more training right now, not less. Attorney General Ferguson has weighed into every political fight he could for the past eight years, and now when our police are under attack, he’s silent. We need a leader, not a political opportunist as Washington’s chief legal officer.”

In addition, Republican Attorney General Candidate Mike Vaska also denounced Washington’s Democrat AG, “Bob Ferguson is more afraid of being rejected by his extreme anti-police political base than he is afraid of defunding the police as they demand. It’s time to replace him with an Attorney General who stands up for the rule of law and will protect the people of the Evergreen State.”

In West Virginia, lawless liberal Democrat candidate Sam Petsonk has also remained silent on the reckless “defund the police” movement that will lead to absolute communities of chaos.

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey called out Petsonk’s silence declaring, “I am the only candidate for WV Attorney General who opposes radical efforts to “defund the police.” My opponent has remained silent for weeks during this critical discussion.”

As the top law enforcement officers in their states, over a dozen of Republican attorneys general have already publicly condemned the chaotic and reckless Democrat plan to “Defund the Police,” and Republican candidates also strongly back the blue.