Highlights the Dangers of Democrat AGs and Candidates

Johnny KoremenosNews

The Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) today announced the creation of, a clearinghouse for all the radical and lawless actions being encouraged, perpetrated, or ignored by Democrat attorneys general and candidates.

While the vast majority of Americans are looking to their elected officials for safety and solutions, Democrat attorneys general and candidates have remained irresponsibly silent on calls to defund the police and the lawless behavior being carried out by the far-left that’s creating communities of chaos.

Whether it’s “Silent Bob Ferguson” of Washington or Maura “Let it Burn” Healey of Massachusetts or one of the other incumbents or candidates, these lawless liberals are implicitly and explicitly supporting rioting, looting, vandalism, burning, and even the establishment of lawless “autonomous zones” that have spread like wildfire throughout the country over the last month in cities from Seattle to Washington, D.C.

This new website comes on the heels of a new digital ad —”Communities of Chaos”— launched by RAGA last week, which can be viewed here.

As highlighted by the Washington Examiner this week in their piece, “We reached out to all 50 state attorneys general about defunding the police, only one Democrat provided comment,” not a single Democrat candidate for attorney general (AG) has publicly issued a statement in support of the men and women on the front lines of law enforcement. In fact, when reached for comment about the reckless “defund the police” movement, only one Democrat AG responded by simply passing the buck.

As the top law enforcement officers in their states, over a dozen of Republican attorneys general have already publicly condemned the chaotic and reckless Democrat plan to “Defund the Police” and have been working to return stability to our nation through adherence to the rule of law and thoughtful law enforcement reforms.