O’Neill is Keeping North Carolina Safe, while Stein is Putting Families in Danger

Johnny KoremenosNews

Republican Candidate for North Carolina Attorney General, Forsyth County District Attorney Jim O’Neill, spearheaded negotiations on North Carolina’s criminal justice reform legislation, which was signed into law today.

The Second Chance Act, which was passed unanimously, allows North Carolinians who had charges against them dismissed or were found not guilty in court automatically have their records cleared; North Carolinians who committed misdemeanors and low level felonies at age 16 or 17 have their records cleared; and all North Carolinians with non-violent misdemeanor offenses and 7 years of good behavior may have the misdemeanor removed from their record.

Jim O’Neill is focused on keeping North Carolinians safe, while ensuring all citizens with non-violent records have the ability to restore their reputations. North Carolina’s lawless liberal Attorney General Josh Stein, on the other hand is a career politician who, instead of balancing reform with protecting law abiding citizens, has made it easier for criminals to commit crimes and get away with it.

“Jim O’Neill is working to reform the criminal justice system to make it safer and fairer for all North Carolinians. It’s a stark contrast to his opponent, Josh Stein, who worked to pass legislation to let violent felons go free,” said RAGA Executive Director Adam Piper. “The other contrast is why Attorney General Stein has been completely silent on the destruction of private property and chaos we’ve seen in places like Raleigh and Charlotte in recent weeks, and why he refuses to weigh in on whether or not he supports efforts to defund the police. North Carolinians need a proven prosecutor and voice for public safety in the Attorney General’s office.”

Josh Stein Supports Disastrous New York-Style Bail Reform:
Josh Stein has spent his time as Attorney General advocating for reducing or even ending cash bail, which would force judges and prosecutors to release criminals onto the streets.

Josh Stein Failed North Carolina’s Youth:
Josh Stein says he’s for criminal justice reform, but when he was in the North Carolina Legislature, he voted to end programs to rehabilitate juvenile offenders, leaving many troubled youth with nowhere to go.

Josh Stein Failed to Crack Down on Illegal Immigration:
Josh Stein has put criminal illegal aliens ahead of North Carolinians since day one as Attorney General, and believes sanctuary cities aren’t a real issue. On Stein’s watch, 439 criminal illegal aliens were set free instead of being sent to ICE. While free, some of these criminals committed murder and other heinous crimes that could have been prevented if Josh Stein was committed to protecting North Carolina.

Jim O’Neill led negotiations on the Second Chances Act, which will provide hope and opportunity for North Carolinians with non-violent records.

Jim O’Neill is a proven prosecutor who has helped make Winston-Salem the safest city in North Carolina to live, work, and raise a family.