RAGA Congratulates Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes on Renomination

Kelly LacoNews

Republican voters in Utah nominated Sean Reyes during the Primary Election to be re-elected as the state’s Attorney General. Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) Executive Director Adam Piper released the following statement, congratulating Sean Reyes on his victory.

“It is no surprise that Utah Republicans voted to re-nominate Attorney General Sean Reyes. Attorney General Reyes has a strong record of combatting human trafficking, cracking down on child predators, and defending the rule of law. He has demonstrated time and time again his commitment to protecting the constitution and making Utah the safest and most prosperous place possible to live, work, and raise a family. We look forward to helping re-elect Attorney General Reyes and safeguarding Utahns from his lawless liberal opponent.”

The Democrat nominee for attorney general, lawless liberal Greg Skordas, will endanger public safety in Utah through his checkered past of failing to ensure justice for the most vulnerable Utahns including victims of child rape.

The people of Utah cannot trust Democrat Greg Skordas to protect them from violent criminals. Instead of charging alleged rapists in court, Skordas instead said that “the public embarrassment alone was far more punishment than most people get.” In addition, Greg Skordas did not file charges in a timely manner against 27 inmates including two rapists, and as a result, they were released from the Salt Lake County Jail and onto Utah’s streets. Because of Skordas, a child rape trial he was responsible for prosecuting was delayed so many times that the child victim gave up and walked away.

This November, the people of Utah will make the simple choice to choose strong rule of law champion Sean Reyes over an incompetent lawless liberal Democrat.