Democrat Jonathan Weinzapfel is Out of Touch with Hoosiers

Kelly LacoNews

Former Secretary of State and U.S. Rep. Todd Rokita was nominated during the Indiana Republican Party primary convention to be the state’s next Attorney General. Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) Executive Director Adam Piper released the following statement.

“Indiana will continue to flourish under a rule of law focused attorney general who is committed to enforcing the constitution and making Indiana a more safe and prosperous place to live, work, and raise a family. In contrast, lawless liberal Jonathan Weinzapfel’s record of cozying up to Hillary Clinton, supporting the reckless Democrat-led “defund the police movement,” and endorsing extremist special interest groups is completely out of touch with Hoosier values. We look forward to helping elect Republican Todd Rokita in November and keeping Indiana a safe and prosperous state.”

Lawless liberal Jonathan Weinzapfel is completely out of touch with Hoosier values. His record reflects his passion for promoting the radical agendas of his influential Democrat friends over keeping hardworking Hoosiers safe. Learn more about how Weinzapfel stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Hillary on the campaign trail in 2016 here:

In addition, the out of touch Democrat put personal boondoggle projects over backing Indiana’s hardworking men and women in blue. Weinzapfel does not support the strong conservative Hoosier values of family and safety.

This November, the people of Indiana will make the choose Republican Todd Rokita over a lawless liberal who does not share the values of Hoosiers.