ICYMI: North Carolina Troopers Association Endorses Jim O’Neill Over Incumbent Josh Stein

Johnny KoremenosNews

Republican Jim O’Neill is law enforcement’s clear choice for North Carolina Attorney General, as evidenced by this week’s endorsement from the North Carolina Troopers Association. A proven prosecutor, Jim O’Neill has earned the trust from the men and women on the front lines across North Carolina because of his commitment to the rule of law and track record of putting criminals behind bars. O’Neill’s record is in stark contrast to incumbent liberal Democrat Attorney General Josh Stein, a career politician who, in recent months, has been silent on the “defund the police” movement and catered to lawless liberal mobs wreaking havoc across North Carolina. Josh Stein’s silence has led to violence in Raleigh and other cities across the state.

Danny Jenkins, President of the North Carolina Troopers Association, in his endorsement of O’Neill, said:

“On behalf of the North Carolina Troopers Association, we are proud to endorse candidates who have a proven track record of supporting law enforcement and their families. The citizens of North Carolina have a choice to either elect lawmakers who will provide law and order within North Carolina, or those who wish to defund law enforcement and not stand with the men and women in blue. We hope North Carolina Citizens will stand with law enforcement and elect these courageous candidates who will continue to support our law enforcement officers across North Carolina.”