Republican Attorneys General are America’s Insurance Policy Against Destructive Hurricanes Joseph and Kamala 

Kelly LacoNews

The Final ad in RAGA’s Lawless Liberals Series Previews the Havoc that a Biden-Harris Administration Would Wreck on the U.S.

The 23rd and final ad in the Republican Attorney’s General Association’s (RAGA) Lawless Liberals weekly series, “Hurricanes Joseph and Kamala,” reveals how the liberal Biden-Harris ticket would destroy America by increasing  censorship, defunding the police, confiscating guns, raising taxes, opening borders, and forcing additional extremist policies on American families. Fortunately, the 26 Republican attorneys general are preparing for the worst and will be first on the frontline to fight back and keep the country on a constitutional path. Americans still have time to heed the storm warning and vote for President Trump and for Republicans up and down the ballot today.

You can watch the ad, “Hurricanes Joseph and Kamala” here or by clicking the embedded video below. The ad will appear online and began running today.

“If hurricanes Kamala and Joseph make landfall, the Republican attorneys general, as the nation’s “insurance policy,” will defend America from complete annihilation,” said RAGA Executive Director Adam Piper. “The 26 Republican attorneys general are preparing for the worst, a Biden-Harris Administration. Today, businesses are being boarded up and shut down in order to brace for more lawless liberal violence after the election, despite the fact that our nation has already suffered over one billion dollars in economic damages from the Democrats’ continued lawlessness. Every American should heed the storm warning and vote Republican up and down the ballot today in order to restore the rule of law and end the Democrat-sanctioned destruction of small businesses and burning of neighborhoods. A vote for Republican attorneys general and President Trump is a vote for four more years of law and order and defense against the lawless liberals!”

The violent looters are encouraged by the leaders of the Democrat Attorney General Association (DAGA). DAGA Co-Chair Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey infamously stated, “America is burning, but that’s how forests grow,” while American cities literally burned to the ground. Not to be outdone, Healey’s DAGA Co-Chair Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum described Portland as “perfectly peaceful.”

“Hurricanes Joseph and Kamala” is RAGA’s final ad in the Lawless Liberals series, which debuted in June. Please visit to view the complete set of 23 digital ads.