Americans Were Warned About the Danger of Lawless Liberals

Kelly LacoNews

The Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA)’s five-month Lawless Liberals video campaign repeatedly warned Americans about the dangerous reality of lawless liberals run amok in cities across the country. RAGA is resurrecting the series today with a new video, “You Were Warned,” highlighting real footage of conservatives being attacked by leftists last weekend in Washington, D.C. during the “Million MAGA March.” Throughout its video series, RAGA has repeatedly warned that the violence being perpetrated by Democrats would continue even after the Presidential Election. The Republican attorneys general are America’s strongest defenders against the continued anarchy and lawlessness and will keep the country on a constitutional path.

You can watch “You Were Warned” here or by clicking the embedded video below.

The new ad features a reprise of Kamala Harris threatening the nation by stating that the lawless liberals will not stop their destruction of small businesses and neighborhoods and that they “should not” stop. It also features United States Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer saying, “now we take Georgia, then we change America.” If Democrats are able to win control of the United States Senate, the Republican attorneys general will be the only way to defend America from unified Democrat control in Washington, D.C.

“We must defend the United States Senate and stop the lawless liberals from having unchecked federal power,” said RAGA Executive Director Adam Piper. “Lives and livelihoods have been destroyed by Antifa and other leftist individuals who spent much of 2020 burning down buildings, rioting, looting, and calling for the police to be defunded. If we put these people in charge of running the country, our families will be less safe because our communities will be subjected to defunding the police, sanctuary cities, and gun confiscation.”