Todd Rokita

GENERAL ELECTION: November 3, 2020

When Indiana Republicans were out of power, and our state, needed a new, conservative Secretary of State to lead the ticket– a real leader to protect our elections and the people, to help bring certainty in an uncertain time—Todd Rokita stepped up.

Todd was elected statewide, by a large margin, earning the trust of the voters of Indiana. He was then selected by his peers to serve as the National President of the Association of Secretaries of State.

An attorney with strong courtroom experience and aggressive instincts, Todd Rokita investigated and obtained prosecutions against big out-of-state firms. He achieved over three hundred years of jail time against those harming Hoosiers.

Todd Rokita also kept our elections safe from fraud, leading the battle against a biased media and political correctness to institute the nation’s first photo voter ID law. Now over 30 states have followed, pushing back against George Soros funded liberals.

As Secretary of State he did all this operating on fewer taxpayer dollars than his predecessors. For his work he was elected overwhelmingly statewide again, because voters trust his leadership.

When our nation was suffering under the liberal policies of Nancy Pelosi and Obama, Todd Rokita once again stepped up and not only ran for, but was elected to, Congress.

Throughout his time in Congress, Todd fought back against the establishment – a strong voice for our conservative values. As Vice Chairman of the nation’s budget committee, he ratcheted down spending, pushing against the entrenched Washington establishment.

Todd holds a consistent and proven conservative record of winning against liberals and bureaucrats, protecting our God-given Constitutional rights. He is an A-rated NRA defender of our 2nd Amendment, a multiple time recipient of the NFIB’s Guardian of Small Business Award for stopping the red tape smothering our job creators, and standing absolutely true to our principles, he has a 100% voting record from the National Right to Life for unwavering pro-life support, without exceptions.

Todd Rokita stands up for our principles—because they are his.

Todd is now running for Attorney General to stop liberal state and federal politicians from overrunning our liberties and harming our economy.

Todd will defend our President and his policies. He will continue his work to punish those who commit fraud, just as he did as our Secretary of State. And Todd will work with his national colleagues to hold China accountable.

Todd Rokita lives in Hendricks County with his wife Kathy and their sons Teddy and Ryan.