The Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) is the only national organization whose mission is electing Republicans to the Office of State Attorney General (AG). RAGA collaborates with our current Republican attorneys general and recruits outstanding candidates, providing them assistance with research, message development, and financial support.

In 1999, five Republican AGs formed RAGA to address the lack of commitment by their Democrat counterparts to defend federalism, adhere to the law, and apply a commonsense, free market approach to governing. Since then, RAGA has multiplied its effectiveness, and in 2019 helped elect all three Republican attorneys general candidates in a clean sweep, securing a majority of Republican AGs across the country. This success is a direct result of our high-quality candidates and strong financial support from our members.


RAGA works with attorneys general across the country to support and promote the rule of law, limited government, legal reform, public safety, and the preservation of conservative values.

The offices of state attorneys general have become a “Farm Team” nationally. Attorneys general and senior staff members have gone on to serve their country in other prestigious offices, both elected and appointed. The federal judiciary, federal agencies, U.S. Attorney offices, Congress, and governors’ offices across the country are filled with attorney general alumni. Nearly one quarter of President Trump’s confirmed appointments to the federal judiciary worked in an attorneys general office and President Trump’s Supreme Court shortlist includes one of RAGA’s founding fathers as well as three former AG staff members.

Republican attorneys general are committed to governing in a responsible and effective manner, fighting to protect free enterprise, first principles, and the Constitution.

2019 was an historic year: RAGA swept the south and Republicans retook the majority by re-electing Jeff Landry in Louisiana, electing Lynn Fitch —Mississippi’s first female attorney general and the first Republican attorney general since 1878 — and Daniel Cameron — Kentucky’s first African American attorney general and first Republican attorney general since 1948. In 2020, RAGA has an opportunity to expand its 26-seat majority even further, with prime pick-up opportunities in North Carolina and Pennsylvania, both states President Trump won in 2016.