The Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) today announced the election of a new leadership team that will be the first on the frontlines against a possible Biden-Harris Administration and continue RAGA’s efforts to defend the rule of law and protect constitutional freedoms. These changes come after outgoing Chairman Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry led RAGA during 2020, a historic year where Republicans kept control of the majority, were on the offense against the novel coronavirus, and enforced law and order amid nationwide anarchy and violence. The 2021 leadership team will be led by Chairman Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr, Vice-Chairman Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, and Policy Chairman Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall. The leadership team will focus on flipping the attorney general seat in Virginia and building up strong fundraising, communications, and policy strategies for the 30 races in 2022.

“I am honored to take over as Chairman of such an outstanding organization focused on defending the rule of law and restoring law and order,” said incoming RAGA Chairman, Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr. “2021 presents an opportunity to expand our Republican majority and conserve American freedoms from the possibility of a Biden-Harris Administration. I am looking forward to working with Attorney General Schmitt and our colleagues to protect our nation against liberal extremism, safeguard the Constitution, make our neighborhoods safer, and enforce the rule of law.”

“RAGA’s ability to maintain the majority of attorneys general this year reinforces the fact that voters want law and order and stability in their communities, which only Republican attorneys general provide,” said incoming RAGA Vice-Chairman, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt. “I deeply respect the work of RAGA, an organization that is focused on promoting and protecting the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution for future generations. I look forward to standing with Chris and the rest of our colleagues as we continue to defend the rule of law and keep our communities safe and prosperous.”

“I am honored to lead RAGA’s policy branch, the Rule of Law Defense Fund, and bring conservative attorneys general together in promotion of federalism, freedom, and the rule of law,” said incoming RAGA Policy Chairman Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall. “As attorneys general, our mandate is to hold fast to the principles that this country was founded on and to defend the Constitution and the preeminence of law and order. And that is what conservative attorneys general have done and will continue to do: advance American greatness.”

RAGA Executive Director Adam Piper echoed their remarks:

“With the majority of nationwide attorneys general secured again this election cycle, RAGA is in an excellent position going into 2021 and 2022, especially as a the possibility of a liberal extremist Biden-Harris Administration looms on the horizon. I want to thank outgoing RAGA Chairman Attorney General Jeff Landry for his outstanding leadership over the last year. The Republican attorneys general are the only group of elected officials who have consistently beat the drum on the dangerousness of the “defund the police” movement, condemned violent rioting and looting, and have expressed their commitment to standing with and supporting law enforcement and law and order. As “Freedom’s Frontline,” Republican attorneys general in 2021 will continue to be focused on preserving, promoting, and protecting the rule of law in order to safeguard our freedoms for future generations.”

2020-2021 Executive Committee:

RAGA Chairman Attorney General Chris Carr, Georgia
RAGA Vice-Chairman Attorney General Eric Schmitt, Missouri
RAGA Policy Chairman Attorney General Steve Marshall, Alabama
Attorney General Daniel Cameron, Kentucky
Attorney General Mike Hunter, Oklahoma
Attorney General Jeff Landry, Louisiana (immediate past RAGA Chairman)
Attorney General Ashley Moody, Florida
Attorney General Sean Reyes, Utah
Attorney General Alan Wilson, South Carolina