This week, Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson and North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem announced their intentions to retire at the end of their respective terms.

“Like the rest of my colleagues, Doug and Wayne believe in the importance of our Constitution and adherence to the rule of law,” said RAGA Chairman South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson. “Nebraska, North Dakota, our nation and the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) are better for having had Generals Peterson and Stenehjem serve. On behalf of my Republican colleagues and RAGA, I wish Doug and Wayne well in their retirement from public life and thank them for answering the call to serve.”

“Generals Peterson and Stenehjem have been invaluable parts of the legal battle waged by Republican AGs against the unconstitutional actions that have been implemented by Congress and multiple administrations,” said RAGA Executive Director Peter Bisbee. “I appreciate both AGs for committing their time in office to the defense of the Constitution and rule of law.”

North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem was first elected in 2000 and is currently the longest serving Republican attorney general in the nation. Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson has been serving since January 2015 after being elected overwhelmingly in 2014 and running unopposed in 2018.