The United States Supreme Court today sided with a united coalition of Republican attorneys general who have spent the last three months battling the Biden Administration in court for an attempt to force private businesses to mandate vaccines for their employees. The Republican AGs argued, and the Court agreed, that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration can set workplace safety standards, not broad healthcare policy for Americans.

RAGA Chairman South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson released the following statement after today’s victory from the Supreme Court.

“We’ve never seen an administration try to weaponize the federal bureaucracy the way the Biden administration has. We’re grateful the Supreme Court agrees with us that no president has the authority to mandate vaccines for private employers. The rule of law won today. Our republic won today.”

RAGA Executive Director Peter Bisbee echoed Chairman Wilson’s remarks.

Today’s victory for individual liberty continues to show that Republican AGs are the most effective group of elected officials at upholding the Constitution and rule of law. Americans can count on our nation’s Republican AGs to stand up for their fundamental liberties in the face of an unprecedented attempted takeover of state and local power by the Biden Administration and Democrats in Congress. You can rely on the Republican AGs to rein in the administrative state and keep federal power in check.”