Brenna Bird has shattered the glass ceiling in Iowa. Bird will become the Hawkeye state’s first female attorney general (AG) and first Republican attorney general since 1979 after defeating the nation’s longest serving AG. Bird’s strong fundraising and a multi-million-dollar investment from RAGA allowed her to consistently outspend her Democrat opponent and run a more vigorous campaign.

“Brenna was an outstanding candidate and earned this victory through a hard-fought campaign,” said RAGA Chairman South Carolina AG Alan Wilson. “Nearly all of Iowa’s sheriffs, both Democrats and Republicans, endorsed AG-elect Bird, a former prosecutor, because she is focused on beefing up the criminal justice system, advocating for victims of crime, and standing up for law enforcement. She will also push back against the reckless policies coming out of Washington, D.C. or Des Moines that make it harder to lock up the bad guys and prevent law enforcement from doing their job.

“Having served as counsel to Governor Brandstad, Brenna has already been in the fight against excessive overreach from the federal government and knows firsthand the importance of keeping the politics and policies of Washington, D.C. out of Iowa,” said RAGA Executive Director Peter Bisbee. “Bird will make instant contributions to the ongoing legal efforts by Republican AGs trying to stop the Biden Administration from violating the Constitution and bastardizing the rule of law.”