Republican Gentner Drummond will be sworn in as Oklahoma’s next Attorney General (AG) in the new year, after being elected today unopposed by any Democrat candidate. Drummond, a lifelong Oklahoman, is a combat veteran of the Gulf War, rancher, and successful businessman.

“Gentner Drummond is governed by the rule of law and understands that this means putting criminals behind bars when they break the law and suing the federal government when they overstep their authority,” said South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson. “I am grateful to have a new partner in our ongoing legal battles against the Biden Administration and welcome AG-elect Drummond to our organization.”

“AG-elect Drummond protected our nation from foreign adversaries and is now turning his attention to protecting the nation from threats to the Constitution and rule of law,” said RAGA Executive Director Peter Bisbee. “Drummond is a literal fighter who will take the fight to the federal government when they unlawfully overreach into Oklahoma’s business.”