The Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA)–endorsed candidate, Dave Sunday, secured victory in today’s Republican primary election for Pennsylvania Attorney General. Sunday, a United States Navy veteran, currently serves as the elected District Attorney of York County and leads a team of prosecutors and detectives who are responsible for investigating and prosecuting more than 9,000 criminal cases every year.

RAGA-endorsed candidates across the country have been undefeated in primary elections since RAGA began endorsing candidates in 2023.

“The contrast between the Republican and Democrat candidates for Pennsylvania Attorney General could not be any clearer,” said RAGA Executive Director Peter Bisbee. “As illegal immigrants flood the southern border and bring deadly amounts of fentanyl and illicit drugs with them, Republicans wisely chose Dave Sunday, the only candidate in the race for Pennsylvania Attorney General with experience fighting crime. Democrats nominated a washed-up career politician with no experience fighting crime, who will be bought and paid for by radical liberal special interests committed to defunding the police and releasing dangerous criminals back onto the streets. The vast differences between Sunday and DePasquale will be exploited by RAGA in the coming months through the organization’s largest investment to date in Pennsylvania.”