Texas voters today gave Attorney General (AG) Ken Paxton a mandate to continue his relentless defense of the Constitution and rule of law. Paxton handily beat his Democrat opponent and will start a third four-year term in January.

“Over the last eight years –under both Democrat and Republican presidents– I’ve had the privilege of taking on the federal government dozens of times with Ken Paxton,” said RAGA Chairman South Carolina AG Alan Wilson. “Ken is a leader among Republican AGs. Texas and the entire nation are freer and more prosperous because of his efforts to challenge unconstitutional laws, mandates, and regulations from Washington, D.C.”

“AG Paxton’s name is on almost every single lawsuit against the Biden Administration over the last two years,” said RAGA Executive Director Peter Bisbee. “Whether he’s defending our immigration laws, protecting life, or guarding religious liberty, AG Paxton is at the forefront of Republican AG efforts to defend the Constitution and support the rule of law.”