Marty Jackley, a former South Dakota Attorney General (AG) and United States Attorney, was unopposed today in the race for AG. Jackley, who received endorsements from 95% of South Dakota’s sheriffs, has a record of keeping South Dakota safe.

“I served with Marty Jackley and I look forward to having him back,” said RAGA Chairman and South Carolina AG Alan Wilson. “For decades, he has proven to be one of the greatest advocates for South Dakota, both in Pierre and Washington, D.C. AG-elect Jackley is going to keep South Dakota safe from both criminals and overreach by the federal government.”

“We are excited to welcome AG-elect Jackley back to the ranks of our nation’s Republican AGs,” said RAGA Executive Director Peter Bisbee. “There will be no downtime in the South Dakota AG’s Office once Jackley is inaugurated. He will immediately put to work his passion for the Constitution and rule of law and draw on his experience as one of South Dakota’s most prominent attorneys.”