North Dakota Attorney General (AG) Drew Wrigley was elected to today with a comfortable double-digit margin over his Democrat opponent. Wrigley, who previously served as Lieutenant Governor and a U.S. Attorney, will now serve a full four-year term after being appointed at the beginning of the year by the North Dakota Governor to fill a vacancy left by the unfortunate passing of Wayne Stenehjem.

“North Dakotans were wise to give Drew Wrigley a full term as AG,” said RAGA Chairman South Carolina AG Alan Wilson. “In the last nine months, I’ve been able to witness Wrigley’s dedication to the people of North Dakota and collaborate on issues, like energy security, that are a priority for both of our states. With two more years of the Biden Administration left, I can only imagine what additional challenges we will face and I’m looking forward to facing them together with AG Wrigley.”

“During his short tenure as AG, Drew Wrigley has proved to be a tenacious advocate for North Dakotans, especially on issues affecting energy independence and environmental regulations,” said RAGA Executive Director Peter Bisbee. “AG Wrigley is going to be a key part of Republican AG efforts in the next four years that defend the Constitution and rule of law.”