Even though Ohio was a major battleground state for up-ticket races, Attorney General (AG) Dave Yost easily won reelection with a double-digit margin of victory. Yost, who was first elected Attorney General in 2018, will return for a second term in January and continue working to keep Ohio safe and prosperous.

“AG Yost and I have collaborated on a number of different issues over the last four years and I’m always grateful for his level headedness and deep concern for how a policy, mandate, rule, or lawsuit will affect Ohio,” said RAGA Chairman South Carolina AG Alan Wilson. “Ohio’s best interest is always at the heart of Yost’s thought process. He’s a servant leader who gets things done and makes decisions based on the next generation, not the next election.”

“AG Yost has been a steady hand who doesn’t make decisions to snag headlines or gain political favor, but instead lets the Constitution and rule of law be his guide,” said RAGA Executive Director Peter Bisbee. “Not only has AG Yost been crucial to legal victories against the Biden Administration over the last two years, but he’s been a crucial ally to local and state law enforcement and worked alongside them to fight opioid addiction, human trafficking, and make schools safer.”